Monkey Business

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth is one of my favorite reads on birth thus far. One of the chapters talks about how helpful it is to release your inhibitions and “let your monkey do it”. Immediately the phrase, What would your monkey do? came to mind! She makes an evolutionary connection here, which isn’t my point, stating that we are not far from our monkey friends and they are not held back by anxiety and fears during birth. In observing monkeys during labor, they seem to let their bodies just do the job…no big deal.
How odd it is that most of our soon to be mothers have never witnessed such normalcy in animals or humans. Oh, it’s time for my baby to come, let me find a nice cozy spot and give birth. Rather, they watch extreme birth mania on TV and hear the horror stories of new mothers who have been properly processed by our medical system.

Many like Ina May, have devoted their lives to educating women about their amazing bodies. Yes, our bodies were made to give birth…they can do it. And yes, our breast were made for suckling babes…they make milk. For so many years we have been told, you’re too small, those are too big, it’s too painful, babies wreck your body….and on and on.

Is it possible that if young ladies were given a positive picture of birth, that they might have a beautiful birth?  Most likely. And that’s why we doulas, midwives, and the like are starting to get into this monkey business. Hopefully, one day enough women will see that birth is beautiful, natural, and quite possibly the most wonderful thing a woman will ever do.


Stand and Deliver Blog

This is a wonderful blog that I found while reading through the HypnoBabies Facebook page.  I love the stories and valuable info found here. Stand and Deliver


The word doula originates from the Greek meaning servant woman. Here in the US, the term has more appeal. Women are turning to alternative resources for health and specifically birth.  As the natural birth banner is raised, women seem to be flocking to doulas and midwives, in hope of a beautiful birth experience. Doulas represent a new hope for many expectant moms, by providing education, comfort measures, and encouragement.