Your Uterus, Ovaries, Cervix and Vagina, and Breasts- A Liability?

“The part of the Comstock Law that Margaret Sanger focused her energy on was the illegality of contraception use.  Imagine if she had taken that energy and put it towards advocating the legality of sharing information about female fertility – using natural means to achieve or avoid pregnancy, which is second only to hysterectomy or vasectomy in effectiveness, by the way.  It is a very valid method of child spacing and avoiding pregnancy and one that is free, simple, physically beneficial for the whole family, and, what Sanger’s ultimate goal REALLY was…… it is liberating.  Yes, this information has been around for thousands of years and it’s not brain surgery.  Even my 12 year old understands what’s going on with her body.  It may take a learning curve and some discipline, but so do external and hormonal methods of birth control.  You get all of the benefits (and then some) with none of the risks of man made birth control.”

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A New Medication

If I told you today about a new medication that would reduce fetal asphyxia by 2/3, cut labor length by 1/2 and enhance mother-infant interaction after delivery, I expect there would be a stampede to obtain this medication, no matter what the cost. Just because the supportive companion (Doula) makes common sense does not decrease its importance.

— John Kennel, author of Birth, Interaction and Attachment

Unwritten Rule # 287 and the T-shirt

The  pregnant belly has a strange effect on society. The average passer-by sees it as a personal blog  or social network of some sort. It has become some kind of  unwritten rule in our culture.

Unwritten rule #287

If one sees a pregnant woman in a social setting of any kind, one must approach sed woman and proceed to do the following:

1. Pretend she knows who you are and cares what you think.

2. Preface all comments with, “This probably won’t happen to you, but…” or “Don’t try to be Superwoman…” or “Make sure you get that epidural right away…” If you live in the South you could also use, “Bless your big, fat, pregnant heart…”

3. Vent all pinned up anger, regret, and disappointment concerning your own birth(s) onto sed woman in 60 sec or less.

4. After doing so, walk away and murmur something like, “That woman is one egg shy of a dozen.”

This unwritten rule is why the majority of my work is prior to the birthing day.  My clients face this kind of kamikaze commenting where ever they go and many times it is in the OB’s office.

This unwritten rule is partly why so many women fear birth. All mothers know that if you teach your little boy that he can’t climb trees because it is too hard, too dangerous, and possibly life threatening…he will never climb a tree and after a few generations, the fear of climbing trees will be hard-wired and there will be no tree climbing boys.  A little dramatic I know! And that’s what we have here…a generational, hard-wired fear of birth.

I am considering printing up maternity T-shirts that say:

“Fear not, it will come out.”

“I will survive.”

What would you put on your T-shirt?