An Inspiring Story,p0,d0

The other night my husband was out watching the NBA finals with a friend so I was looking for something extra-feminine to watch after the kids went to bed. I discovered that hulu has a series done by photographer Anne Geddes called My Preganancy which tells the very different stories of very different women and their pregnancies and births. The photography and the stories are as interesting as I expected but there was one that stood out: Gina’s story. She discovered she was pregnant and 4 days later she discovered that she had breast cancer. Amazing and inspiring story of courage and determination.  Click the link above to watch it yourself.  It’s about 20 minutes long.



In the midst of the first trimester…

It seems the best time to write about pregnancy would be while experiencing it. The only problem is, I’m way too tired to come up with something insightful. And I’m starting to feel a little nauseous, which means I absolutely must get up and go eat something before it gets worse. So I guess that is my great first trimester insight for the day: Do what you need to do. Eat when you need to eat. Even if you don’t want to eat. And if you did any laundry today, I’d love to give you a high five. If you actually mopped the kitchen floor or cleaned a bathroom, I will jump up and down and rejoice with you. The little things are huge. These are the days of keeping it simple.  And spending lots of time on the couch.